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Thank you for signing your petition to stop the suppression of pro-life views on YouTube!

While abortion advocates are working furiously to silence pro-life views, it’s critical we reach more pro-life Americans with this petition and continue advertising Live Action’s life-saving videos through all social media channels.

With over 140 MILLION views, Live Action’s video content should be displayed at the top of search results. However, YouTube’s pandering to a pro-choice activist is now skewing search results, making it harder for Live Action’s message to reach people looking for information on abortion. That’s why we need your immediate help to get our message out through paid advertising.

We rely on people like you to pay for our pro-life ads. Live Action’s videos, graphics, and articles promoted by these ads have changed many opinions on abortion to be pro-life, including this young mother, who commented on our videos to say:

“Was thinking of one (abortion) but have changed my mind, disturbing”

This is exactly why abortion advocates want to suppress these videos and silence pro-life voices like yours. They know when people are confronted with the horrific truth about the killing of preborn children, hearts and minds change to be against abortion.

Your gift today to Live Action will make it possible to fight back against those who want to silence us, reveal the truth about this grave human rights abuse, and reach more Americans with our “Abortion Procedures” videos - changing hearts and minds and saving innocent lives.

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