Expose The Hijacking

One of the biggest lies told about abortion is that is “empowering” for a woman to kill her own preborn child - a lie abortion advocates invented when they hijacked the women’s movement decades ago.

Now, Live Action is exposing the true history of how the sexual revolution and pro-abortion men took advantage of the push for women’s rights to further their own agenda of abortion-on-demand with our new “Subverted” video series.

Just as many people don’t understand the horrific violence that abortion inflicts on preborn children, even more don’t know that abortion was never meant to be a part of the movement for women’s rights.

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Your gift will help us show that women have been lied to by abortion advocates and expose the truth of how abortion was never meant to be a part of the women’s rights movement. Together we will build a culture that truly values the infinite worth of every woman, one that is free from abortion and celebrates motherhood.

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