You Can Save the Lives of 2,548 Babies 365 Days a Year

Each day in America alone, 2,548 innocent children are violently killed by abortion.

Most people do not know the beautiful intricacies of preborn development, especially during the first 12 weeks of life. And people do not know how horrific each abortion procedure truly is. This is exactly why we have the widespread acceptance of abortion (baby-killing) today.

The killing of preborn children is the worst human rights crisis in human history.

And as people who desire to create a culture that celebrates life and fights for the preborn, if we don’t inform every American about the horror of abortion, then who will?

We must tell others the horrific reality: abortion tears limbs and crushes skulls of innocent babies, and rips them from their mothers’ wombs. That abortion not only destroys an innocent child, but it also causes an irreparable trauma that scars the mother and father of that child for the rest of their lives.

With thousands of lives on the line every single day… you are needed right now. Your monthly support will help save the 2,548 innocent little lives 365 days of the year.

Start your monthly gift right now and you will make it possible to:

  • Create and promote bold, persuasive articles, videos, and graphics online showing both the horror of abortion and the beauty of life,
  • Reach millions of people with this content you
  • Transform minds from pro-abortion to pro-life through this content,

Will you stand up for the voiceless and most vulnerable? Will you help save the lives of these innocent little children and their mothers and fathers from a lifetime of regret?

Don’t delay. Activate your monthly gift of $25.48 right now on behalf of the 2,548 innocent children that are killed every single day. Use the secure form here:

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