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Will You Become a Life Defender?

Every day, roughly 2,500 innocent preborn lives are lost to the plague of abortion - putting the very future of our nation to death.

But what if we told you YOU can be the reason this grave human rights abuse comes to an end? And, that minds actually are NOT already "made up" on abortion?

It’s true. Every day, Live Action moves people to become pro-life through creative digital media that exposes the violence of abortion and reveals the true humanity of preborn children.

When people see for themselves how abortion brutally kills a child in the womb, the harm it brings to women, and how it corrupts our culture, they won’t stand for it any longer.

People like YOU giving a gift of $10, $25, or $50 a month make it possible to move people to see the truth about abortion, one heart and mind at a time.

When you become a Life Defender and commit to a monthly gift with Live Action today, you can make it possible to change a mother’s mind and save a child’s life.

You can make it possible to change the hearts and minds of everyday people, inspiring them to reject abortion and take action to defend vulnerable preborn children.

Every dollar you give means we can reach an additional 34 people a month - meaning your ongoing gift can move hundreds, even thousands, of people to become pro-life and join you in this fight to make abortion unthinkable.

YOU can fuel the constant daily education that is vital to turning our culture against this violence. Become a Life Defender and start your ongoing monthly gift with Live Action through the secure form below.

Thank you for making this life-saving work possible!