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Will You Defend the Preborn?

Abortion isn’t just happening one day out of the year. Preborn children are being killed every single day by the horrific violence of abortion.

In fact, 2,363 innocent children are killed every day...

But would you be surprised to know that YOU can save these precious children 365 days of the year and make abortion unthinkable?

It’s true!

Your ongoing support as a Life Defender - a faithful donor who gives every month - will go directly towards:

  • Planning and producing powerful and thought-provoking pro-life videos, articles, and media content to change hearts and minds on abortion;
  • Purchasing ads that will put Live Action’s content in front of those who need to see it most;
  • Cultivating a grassroots network of pro-life activists to take our advocacy off-line and into the real world so that we can make abortion unthinkable in our lifetime.

You can be the reason a mother changes her mind and saves her child’s life.

You can make it possible to change hearts and minds, inspiring them to reject abortion and take action to defend vulnerable preborn children.

You can save babies from abortion every single day…

In fact, right now, we need a small group of 10 people to step forward by October 1st to ensure we can reach people every single day with the truth about abortion.

Will you be one of them?

Don’t delay. Step forward right now to save babies from abortion 365 days a year by becoming a Life Defender and start your monthly gift today. You can use the secure form below.

Thank you for joining us in this life-saving work!

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