Your gift will save more children from abortion in 2023

2023 is the first full year without Roe v. Wade — but babies are still being killed by abortion. The abortion lobby is spending billions of dollars (including your taxpayer dollars) on a comprehensive strategy to expand abortion this year. The impact of their agenda is clear: more unplanned pregnancies, more broken families, and more preborn children poisoned and torn apart in the womb.

Live Action has a strategic plan proven to expose the lies, reveal the dignity of life, and put an end to abortion in America and beyond. But none of that happens without your support.

Specifically, your gift today will:

  • Enable the creation and distribution of cutting-edge sexual education materials designed to counteract the lies of Planned Parenthood in our schools
  • Reach expectant moms with 3D images of their growing babies in the womb with our new Baby App - empowering them to embrace life
  • Expose the lies of big abortion through hard-hitting investigative journalism so they can no longer hide their destructive agenda

Will you make a gift of $50 before midnight tonight to ensure big abortion’s agenda fails? Every dollar you give will reach 34 people with the truth and save lives.

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