Your monthly gift will determine the future of abortion in America

Roe v. Wade is history, but the fight to protect preborn children from abortion has just begun.

Ending Roe v. Wade did not end abortion, and this is true because Planned Parenthood and its allies have been feeding the cultural acceptance of abortion for the last 50 years.

To reverse this deadly trajectory, Live Action saturates the online market with verifiable and persuasive pro-life education. Our content and messaging has been statistically proven by best-in-class market research to change hearts and minds from pro-abortion to pro-life and to save lives. No other pro-life organization reaches more people online.

But none of this cultural transformation is possible without consistent support from generous people like you. We are looking for 365 new monthly donors to reach millions more people in the next year. Giving monthly provides the groundwork to look ahead and the ability to save not only children right now but all of those in the future.

By giving sacrificially every month, you stand in between the child and violent death.

Begin your monthly gift now using the secure form below to influence our culture and save lives:

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