Urgent Need: Expose the Abortion Pill to Save the Preborn

YOU are needed now, more than ever, in the fight to end the killing of preborn children.

The abortion industry is seeking to make one of the biggest killers of innocent children, the abortion pill, accessible by mail and available over-the-counter.

This means countless more preborn children will be killed and countless women will be harmed if they succeed.

We need to act now. We must expose this killer of preborn children and dismantle this key component of the abortion industry.

We need YOU to step in and stop this grave threat.

Your gift of $25, $50, or $100 will ensure we can educate millions of people with the truth about the abortion pill through this campaign exposing the abortion pill.

Every dollar you donate will save lives from abortion.

Don’t delay. This may be one of the most important battles you and I have ever faced.

Make your urgent gift to Live Action using the secure form below:


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