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Will You Defend the Preborn?

The only way the killing of preborn children will end is if we move people to see the truth, one heart and mind at a time - just like the individuals in the video you just saw.

Every day, Live Action’s videos are moving people to think and feel about abortion like they never have before – changing hundreds of thousands of hearts and minds and saving the lives of innocent babies!

Live Action’s Life Defenders – our monthly giving partners – fuel the daily education we promote online that is critical to turning our culture against abortion. Will you join us and become a Life Defender today by committing to defend preborn children with a monthly gift?

Your monthly support as a Life Defender makes it possible to:

  • Plan and produce powerful and thought-provoking pro-life videos, articles, and media content;
  • Purchase ads that will put Live Action’s content in front of those who need to see it most – those undecided about the killing of preborn children;
  • Plan and execute media campaigns to targeted audiences to shift opinion against abortion;
  • Change more hearts and minds to be against abortion, and most importantly, save the lives of preborn children.

You can make a HUGE impact in changing hearts and minds for just $5, 10, or $25 a month.

When you choose to support our work here at Live Action, you are making a real difference.

Thank you for joining us in this life-saving work!

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