You Can Convert More Americans to be Pro-Life

Would you be surprised to know that you CAN change someone’s mind to be against abortion?

You CAN be the reason more eyes are opened to the truth about the killing of preborn children, convert more people to become fully pro-life, and equip them with the talking points needed to change the minds of their peers.

Abortion advocates have long used the so-called “hard cases” (such as cases of rape, incest, life of the mother) to justify the killing of preborn children, and convince those who would otherwise be opposed to abortion to quietly accept it.

That’s why Live Action created a new video series, “Pro-Life Replies to Pro-Choice Arguments.”

This new series will debunk common pro-abortion arguments and the so-called “hard cases” to show that there is never a reason to kill an innocent preborn baby.

Your gift means we can finish and polish these videos, create more of these videos, and pay for the advertisements to put these videos in front of people who need to see them - opening the eyes of more "pro-choice" Americans to the truth.

Every dollar you give means YOU can directly reach at least 34 more people with these videos - make your gift to Live Action today through the secure form below.

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