You Can Share Olivia’s Story and Give Someone a New Perspective

The common understanding of fetal development is riddled with lies:

“It’s just a clump of cells.”
“It’s not human, so it can’t feel pain.”
“Abortion doesn’t hurt a human, it’s just a potential human.”

Olivia can break through these lies. With this never-before-seen 3-D animation of preborn human development, people can have a window into the womb and see the profound significance of every developmental stage through Olivia’s story.

Your gift today can enable countless people to see Olivia as you did and encounter the breathtaking beauty of human development in the womb. When people see that life begins at conception, they will understand that abortion always kills an innocent human person and must be stopped.

Make your secure gift below to share Olivia’s story and influence the culture to embrace the beauty of every human life:

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