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Will You Protect the Preborn?

Every day, innocent preborn children are helpless against the poison and destructive metal tools of the abortionist.

The only way the killing of preborn children will end is if we move people to see the truth, one heart and mind at a time.

Live Action’s videos, articles, and graphics are moving people to think and feel about abortion like they never have before – changing hundreds of thousands of hearts and minds and saving the lives of innocent babies!

Your gift to Live Action can make it possible to save precious preborn children - by opening eyes to see the humanity of the preborn and showing the true violence of abortion.

Your support of Live Action means:

  • Plan and produce powerful and thought-provoking pro-life videos, articles, and media content to change opinions to be against abortion;
  • Purchase ads that will put Live Action’s content in front of those who need to see it most - those undecided about the killing of preborn children;
  • Film and polish a brand new video series to counter common arguments used to defend the killing of preborn children - such as rape, incest, when life begins, etc.;

With the largest online following in the pro-life movement, Live Action reaches millions of people every day. Every dollar you donate means we can reach an additional 34 people with the truth about abortion - 34 people who have yet to be moved to be against the killing of the preborn.

When the truth is exposed about how abortion destroys the life of the preborn child, minds change and lives are saved. Join us in creating a world where abortion is unthinkable by making your donation to Live Action through the secure form below:

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